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Written by Elodie Schindelheim on Dec. 25, 2016
Holiday Greetings to You and Yours!
There have been many times I have you in my thoughts. Kira, b 10/27/2011, has grown into a wonderful dog & companion on my travels from CA to WA. Loves people and is a joy to have in the house, Knows where her bed is, when it's time, and even waits for me to ask her if she wants to go outside in the AM. I wouldn't trust her to leave a whole roasted chicken unattended on the counter though. Everywhere we go, Kira is lavished with compliments, she is a beautiful well put-together dog. We love her! "Critters" do not, however... We get out in the forest everyday, well we actually live in the middle of a forest and we are out in it every day, and I trust her let me know if there is "something" out there. Kira is a Rainee & Kody pup. I still remember your words. "Firm but Gentle" Kira is a great dog! Thank You!!

Written by Carol and Paul on May. 31, 2016
Greetings from our family in British Columbia. Our Katie came from your April 2006 litter (she was Brie from the B group.) She just turned 10 yrs. young. She has kept our family safe from bears and coyotes for all these yrs. What a beautiful, smart and loving girl. She is a natural bear "chaser" and won't quit until we're safe. She's slowing down now, but still runs 5+ miles daily on her mountain walks with my husband. Anyone living in the mountains should have a KBD to keep them company.

Written by Marc on Apr. 13, 2016
We lost our beloved KBD Cheyenne to cancer just shy of his 13th birthday. We miss him terribly and after almost 3 years we are considering another KBD. Have been checking the internet and have very much enjoyed your website. Hope to contact you soon for our new family member!

Written by silvia michalek on Jan. 10, 2016
Revisiting your web site in hopes of getting another puppy. We have been blessed with two beautiful puppies Yukon in 2007 (male) and Kandi 2009 (female). We would like to be notified when you are expecting a new litter. Hopfully from Karlee and Kody which is who the parents of Kandi.

Written by Diane Pelfrey on Dec. 9, 2015
Just stopping by to say Hi! I first found out about these dogs back in the 1980's. I have never had the fortune of owning one though. Through the years I have owned/trained many breeds of dogs. The GSD, Akita, Shiba Inu, just to name a few. Would love to have a pup. I'll keep in touch with you for upcoming litters. Diane Pelfrey

Written by Tracy maloney on Sep. 13, 2015
Just stopping in to say hi , I have creo the black collar pup from jan 2nd litter and want to say he is turning into amazing dog he is my walking partner and my hunter he has kept the barns free from rodents and rabbits and even chased off a coyote out of my pasture

Written by Larry Roche on Sep. 4, 2015
Karen our name is Larry and Debra Roche we live in Oklahoma. we seen your ad on the internet for your karliean dogs we are very instered in a female puppy we spend 4 months a year travling and camping through out the rocky mountain region we lost our Catahoula two years ago to a rare blood disorder and we fill it is time now to get another companion after months of research on various dogs we fill like a karliean would be our choice very impressed with the breed would appricate it very much if you would contact us thank you Larry and Debra Roche.

Written by Rebecca Stuart on Jul. 5, 2015
Hello to all,
What a beautiful family pack of Karliean Bear dogs. We just lost our baby Karliean Bear dog Bandit to lymphoma cancer. We rescued him and will be looking to get another Karliean soon. Bandit was a great protector, hunter, and lover of our grandchildren and us his pack leaders. Bandit had a nick name of "the dork dog" because he did the silliest cutest things.
If you know of a rescue we can share our love, spoiling, and home with please feel free to email us at,
Thank you for caring for theses wonderful dogs!!

Written by Cherie Melton on Jun. 16, 2015
Hi Karen, just revisiting your site and was reading some guest book entries and had to grin at the post re: Chinook on nov. 19, 2010 from Jeff McAloon talking about hoarding. Loki (rust collar, Jan. 15) is such a thief and hoarder! He finds one shoe/slipper from every pair in the house and piles them up around him. He does chew them or anything he just collects them. It's too funny.

Written by Mike Gaccioli on Apr. 18, 2015
3-1/2 months and Kai "the terror" is simply awesome! First 3 weeks was tough. Should have waited until 8 weeks to pick him up because he was chewing on our hands, a lot. He has smoothed out and is fantastic now. Keep these dogs mentally stimulated! His hunting instincts are coming out now. Great dog! Thanks for an awesome dog!

Written by Ron Herman on Mar. 10, 2015
I just made a deposit on my first Karelian. I am real excited about getting one of these dogs, we have a female alaskan malamute from rescue that will love it as well.

Written by Kyla on Feb. 11, 2015
What should I name my Karelian if I get the purple collared male from the litter from 1-2-15

Written by Doug Kelder on Feb. 7, 2015
Beautiful dogs, great site..

Written by Becky on Aug. 2, 2014
Paul & Rebecca Stuart,

Thank you educating us on the Karelian Bear dog breed. We rescued our Bandit. He has been the greatest dog we have had!! Bandit is so great with the grandchildren and all of them love him so much.

Written by Kevin harbosky on Jun. 25, 2013
Sending an updated picture of "Kona". She was the pink collar pup of the 10-27-11 litter. She's more than I ever expected, And makes me want another.