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Written by Jason McCleary on Sep. 13, 2006
We've recently adopted one of Karen's little Karelian's and words can't describe how happy we are with her. Not only is she a companion for me while working in the Yukon wilderness, she is also one of the family at home and much loved by the children. Intelligence, enthusiasm, and confidence radiate from this little pup.

Written by Debbie on Sep. 12, 2006
My fiancee and I adopted our precious "Bear" when he was 4 mos old,that was Feb '04. He is the most loyal,trusting,grandchild friendly dog I've ever owned !!!!! We will always have this breed as a part of our family. We learned very fast how sensitive and caring these dogs are when I had to undergo surgery. Even at his young age he would never leave my side until I could get up and walk him outside and let him know I was fine.We feel this breed of dogs do not belong in the hands of amateurs or puppy mills as it will take the character away from this wonderful breed.Here are our spoiled boys. I hope you enjoy our picture.

Written by Elaine on Aug. 21, 2006
I owned a Karelian Bear Dog for 11 years. He was the most amazing dog I have ever had. He had to be put down this past Spring and I miss him terribley. I am just now able to "look" for a new companion. We never knew how much "work" Timber really did for us - everyday he worked the perimeter of the farm (my husband called it his "walk abouts") to keep predators away. Since his death, we have had raccoons and skunks in the yard. 2 golden eagles moved right in and took my favorite cat. It truly has been a rough Spring and Summer - but I do owe all my family and other pets protection to our past guardian who was "my boy"! Your dogs and puppies are beautiful! I hope to be talking to you soon!

Written by James Rickard on Aug. 20, 2006
Great site! Love all the pics! I am new to owning this wonderful breed. She's a female and is a carbon copy of Kassie I swear!! LOL. Except that Keen-Eye is all white with a black mask. In the future I intend to get another, as I live in the great canadian borealis forest...where black bears come in droves!! I'm currently training her my walking trails and she loves it!! Well... continue with the great work. :)

Written by Brigitte Ennis on Aug. 1, 2006
Hello. I love your puppy photos! I live in Alaska and am an avid hiker and mountain biker. I have an older shepherd/wolfhound mix who has logged many trail miles with me (15 on Sunday) - she was a rescue dog and has been an excellent best friend. At some point, I may look into purchasing a puppy from your family. I think this breed would be a perfect fit here with my family. I am in a small town, and have a large yard and miles of trails. I will keep my eye on your puppy news!