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Written by Kim on Oct. 27, 2019
Love our 3 year old KBD. Karen breeds quality pups!
Looking to buy another for a companion pup.

Written by EB on Sep. 7, 2019
I invite you to the web page about Karelian Bear Dog breeders in Europe!

Written by Patricia Calf looking on Aug. 14, 2019
We were the lucky ones who have adopted max and spot the are doing great here in Montana we love them so much we were blessed I love them so much ❤❤❤

Written by monica horescu on Jan. 28, 2019
Hello, there!.I live in Ga. Looking for a male dog to be mine; the female rescue dog we currently have is totally attached to my husband and his son....I need MY DOG to love and play with in my retirement years, starting this Nov. However, I intend to take 2 months vacation in Europe May to July. Are there any " programmed " puppies in the works after I am back here?

Written by Jamie, John and Jake on May. 27, 2018
Just an update...Meet Jake, he is adjusting well to his new home and loves his rides and exploring the property. He is very entertaining and makes us laugh every day. Thank you so much, he means everything to us

Written by Tresa Stetzel on May. 6, 2018
Hi! Just wanted to update you on Molly. She has so much personality. I love her so much. She turned 1 on April 28th. She weighs 35.5 lbs. So strong.

Written by Vicki Davidson on Mar. 8, 2018
Hi Karen,
Koda just turned 11 and is doing great. He loves his walks and runs in the forest. The Vet says he is in very good condition. He is quite the talk in the neighborhood. Everybody wants to see the “Bear” dog.

Written by Rob and Vicki Davidson on Mar. 8, 2018
Hi Karen,

Written by Ernie O on Jan. 24, 2018
Hi Karen ,
Can't believe it's been two years since I got Raven from you. He's doing great and is a great hiking and snow sport "partner, he loves the snow. Hes treed 3 bears on mtn bike rides, coyotes and a cougar. With all that it's still hard to believe how sweet he is , he's been a great fit.

Written by Haidyn on Sep. 11, 2017
Hello Karen
I want to tell you that the puppy we got from you is amazing!He is such a awesome dog he's playful, fun, sweet, basically he's awesome! Thank you so much!

Written by Weyman Henry on Jun. 4, 2017
Hello Karen
I just want to let you know that I have never dealt with nicer people who raise the quality of dogs that you do at Aspen Valley! I have gotten two dogs from you a male (Tuff) who goes everywhere with my granddaughter and is a great dog. I have the female (Kate) who is truely outstanding as I have never seen a Karelian in person or in a picture that looks as well or is any smarter than she is. She will swim with my Chessy's and fears nothing. I will send pictures soon. I hope you have a great summer and would recommend your dogs to anyone.
Talk to you soon
Weyman Henry

Written by Elodie Schindelheim on Dec. 25, 2016
Holiday Greetings to You and Yours!
There have been many times I have you in my thoughts. Kira, b 10/27/2011, has grown into a wonderful dog & companion on my travels from CA to WA. Loves people and is a joy to have in the house, Knows where her bed is, when it's time, and even waits for me to ask her if she wants to go outside in the AM. I wouldn't trust her to leave a whole roasted chicken unattended on the counter though. Everywhere we go, Kira is lavished with compliments, she is a beautiful well put-together dog. We love her! "Critters" do not, however... We get out in the forest everyday, well we actually live in the middle of a forest and we are out in it every day, and I trust her let me know if there is "something" out there. Kira is a Rainee & Kody pup. I still remember your words. "Firm but Gentle" Kira is a great dog! Thank You!!

Written by Carol and Paul on May. 31, 2016
Greetings from our family in British Columbia. Our Katie came from your April 2006 litter (she was Brie from the B group.) She just turned 10 yrs. young. She has kept our family safe from bears and coyotes for all these yrs. What a beautiful, smart and loving girl. She is a natural bear "chaser" and won't quit until we're safe. She's slowing down now, but still runs 5+ miles daily on her mountain walks with my husband. Anyone living in the mountains should have a KBD to keep them company.

Written by Marc on Apr. 13, 2016
We lost our beloved KBD Cheyenne to cancer just shy of his 13th birthday. We miss him terribly and after almost 3 years we are considering another KBD. Have been checking the internet and have very much enjoyed your website. Hope to contact you soon for our new family member!

Written by silvia michalek on Jan. 10, 2016
Revisiting your web site in hopes of getting another puppy. We have been blessed with two beautiful puppies Yukon in 2007 (male) and Kandi 2009 (female). We would like to be notified when you are expecting a new litter. Hopfully from Karlee and Kody which is who the parents of Kandi.