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Written by Shae Bowman on Jul. 14, 2021
A few days after our KBD's 1st birthday we had our first bear encounter together. It was very scary but I am proud to say that Doris did exactly what she was meant to do as a bear dog! A very large Brown Bear Sow with a cub charged our group of 4 people and one other dog two times. During the encounter Doris positioned herself in between me and the bear and stood her ground while aggressively barking during both charges until we were able to retreat down the trail.

During the second charge a gun was fired in the direction of the bear as a warning shot and the gunshot did not frighten Doris either as she stood her ground and continued to bark as we yelled and backed down the trail.

I was very thankful to have her during the situation and to also not be worried about where she was or what she was doing.

Once we were able to retreat she stayed with me until we were at the car without me having to tell her to.

I could tell she was very proud of herself and I am very proud too! I feel very thankful the situation turned out ok and that no one including Doris or the bear was injured!

I tell all my friends and family about how happy we are with Doris and highly recommend getting a puppy from Aspen Valley Bear Dogs. These dogs are meant to work and excel at their jobs when it comes to bear defense!

Written by Jason McCleary on May. 21, 2021
This morning we all said goodbye to Cassie as the veterinarian put her to sleep. The most amazing, loyal and friendly dog that was part of our family for nearly 15 years. Thank you Karen for letting us give her a forever home. Today will be rough, tomorrow a little better.

Written by Tam on May. 11, 2021
After our Koda passed away last Dec. in my arms, I knew I needed another KBD. Koda was the best and can hardly wait to get another one. We are on a list. We have so many acres for a dog to run and play like Koda did. We miss our Koda but will give our new dog just as much love as we did for Koda.

Written by Deb Davis on Feb. 12, 2021
Hi Karen. Today is Ursa’s 12th birthday. She has been a wonderful dog and loves her daily walks & travelling with us. She is currently living in our 5th wheel in Whistler for the winter. Although she’s mostly blind, she so enjoys life.

Written by Marc Jones on Jan. 25, 2021

Just an update on Killian. He is getting so big and extremely smart, almost to smart sometimes. He starts his official service training after his final shots in 2 weeks. Thank you so much for this amazing dog!

He even has his own Instagram page.

Written by Reina Cruz on Dec. 23, 2020
Hi Karen. Misha is 7 and a half months now and she is wonderful. She is so loved and she makes me smile every day. She's amazing and she gets along great with my kids and my grandson. Thank you Karen for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Written by Alexis & Mike on Sep. 30, 2020
Thank you for bringing this little man into our life!

Huck is 12 weeks old now and has been a fantastic addition to our family. He was fully house trained within 2 days and gets along with his ‘older brother’.

Written by Amy Roberts on Sep. 30, 2020
Ruger is loving life up here in Alaska. He is very brave. He treed and ran two bears off our property this last summer with the help of our springer. They make a good team. He is also very gentle and loving with our kids and just people in general. He really has lived up to all of our expectations!

Written by Debra roche on Jul. 10, 2020
Karen this is the last picture that i took of missy

Written by The Molfinos on Jul. 8, 2020
Here is a picture of Chloe on her 9-week birthday walking on a log. We are thrilled with how smart she is!! Breeze to get her to sleep in her crate, and she's never had an accident. She's bonded wonderfully with our family, whether walking with us our trails, chasing a ball, or teething on a chew toy at our feet. We're surprised at what a chill and observant puppy she is. Karen is doing a wonderful job at breeding such sweet and smart puppies we need for our active lives in the outdoors. She answered many questions in detailed emails and was very accommodating at meeting us at a more convenient location.

Written by Henrik Edeback on Jul. 1, 2020
This is Maja, 8 months old from Kassidee’s litter. (Our 3rd Karelian beardog)She is a fantastic puppy with great social instincts. Always very happy, and friendly to all people and other dogs. She is very smart and has the greatest personality. She is a true family dog, but satisfy her hunting instincts by chasing squirrels, birds and lizards. And she is doing just fine in the Florida heat, even though she typically nap indoor in the A/C during the hottest time of day.

Written by The Phillips Family on Apr. 30, 2020
We just adopted our first Karelian from Karen and we couldn't be more happy! Karen was very helpful through the whole process and we'd recommend AV bear Dogs to anyone looking for a Bear Dog!

Written by Roy and Cyndi Hall. (In Alabama) on Apr. 28, 2020
Karen, Dakota just had his first birthday. We love him so much and he is an awesome addition to our family. He is great with all the grandbabies who even facetime to “talk to Dakota”. He is so smart and everyone raves at his awesome behavior.. Thank you...

Written by Dan Miller on Apr. 3, 2020
Happy Birthday Karra!
Two years old today 4/4/2020.
She's a wonderful part of our life. Loves all people, all dogs and her old friend Colby the cat. They are inseparably and sleep together day and night. Beautiful high energy pup loves long walks in nature and rolling in the water.

Website: arlington
Written by Ron Dean on Jan. 24, 2020
Update about our Puppy, Karen has been great accommodating our scheduleand delivery of our KBD puppy, His name is Ryder and he is one of Kassadee's litter. We are so impressed with this little guy, he is very social and So very smart, He also is the happiest little pup. I wish to thank you Karen for being such an awsome Breeder of Great Dogs.